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From:  Howard Woolston


How would you like to get the keys to your own potential million-dollar online business, plus also get over $500 worth of FREE training to help you rake in the cash from the word go?

It sounds too good to be true - but it isn't!

Thousands of people worldwide have their own internet based 24/7 automatic businesses selling products or services internationally ... and they started with little or no knowledge or skills.

And you could have your own business too!

Here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to share with you a range of in-demand internet businesses that you can choose from ... not just one opportunity, many ... businesses that cross a wide spectrum of activities and interests.

And I'm sure that you'll find one or two or three that interest you.

I call them my Build-A-Future Businesses - and it might be your ticket to simple, turn-key, ready-made websites and training that could potentially help you to generate thousands of dollars in ongoing income.

REMEMBER ... with your own Build-A-Future Business
you're getting a detailed, ready-made product and website
that relates to one of the hottest niche markets available
- where demand has already been growing each month, and people are searching every day so they can get their hands
on products that deliver what they need.
Products like those sold through my
Build-A-Future Businesses.

So, What Do You Get With One Of These
Build-A-Future Businesses?

Each business comes with its own electronic product, which is:

Completely researched by people who know - experts who understand about that particular field or area or topic, so the product is based on proven strategies and one you can depend on to produce results;

Produced to an exacting standard and has great online potential. It has huge potential demand and will be able to deliver on all it promises;

A potential money-maker in a niche where people are currently buying products ... so it has more upside and less downside;

Created with the end result in mind - selling to a targeted niche with excellent, increasing demand;

A complete package and ready to use - it doesn't have to be upgraded, extended or completed. It's ready to go ... NOW!

Available for you to sell anywhere in the world, online or offline.

AND ... When you buy one of these Build-A-Future Businesses, YOU get to KEEP all the profits ... there are no ongoing or hidden costs, just a one-time payment you can make by credit card ... so it's SAFE.

In addition, each one of these online "they-keep-on-working-even-if-you're-asleep" businesses contains everything your need, including:

Fully researched and professionally written product, supplied to you both as a Microsoft Word document and as a downloadable PDF file;

Complete website with high quality graphics and consistent layout, including sales letter, credit card capability, terms and conditions, additional information, download and contact pages;

Professional sales letter designed for high conversion, that will sell automatically for you, 24/7

Search Engine Optimised pages including title, description, keyword and heading tags; complete navigation between pages and sitemaps; correct keyword density and lots more;

Extra information for the visitor to use and learn from as they contemplate purchasing your product;

Detailed Step-by-Step INSTRUCTIONS on how to set everything up and make it all work ... correctly!

AND ... When you buy one of these Build-A-Future Businesses, you can personalise it so it represents you the way you want it to. This means that you can:

Change any or all of the website pages in any way you want including putting your name and photo on them, or adding or deleting information. It becomes YOUR website;

Change the product in any way you think, including putting YOUR name on it as publisher, ensuring that you get to keep ALL the profits!

Break the product down into smaller segments and deliver them differently to your customers;

Convert the product into another format for selling - change an ebook into audio or video for example;

Translate the product and website into another language for even greater international sales;

Charge the price YOU decide is appropriate for people to pay for YOUR product;

Set the website up as a completely stand-alone site, or simply combine it into an existing website;

Add more pages, or more content, or more images ... or add related advertisements for even greater revenues.

PLUS ... because the product you sell is delivered electronically either as an ebook in PDF format, or as an email course, or as a video course ... the added advantages that you have are:

NO quotes, proposals or tenders to prepare;

NO orders to follow up on as delivery is automatic;

NO shipping costs;

NO inventory to manage;

NO warehousing costs;

NO phone calls chasing sales;

NO staff to manage;

NO debtors who don't pay (ALL payments are immediate through the payment processor);

NO Working Capital to fund;

NO face-to-face meetings;

NO travel cost in getting to work;

NO wasted time in traffic jams or on public transport;

NO need to work from just one place. Your business is international and can be operated from ANYWHERE that you can get internet access!

REMEMBER ... all the work has been done for you in creating the product, writing the sales letter, designing the web site ... and much more.

And you get detailed step-by-step training as well!

So, by now I'm sure you're thinking - "But Online businesses like these ones must cost a fortune!"

You're right, they do ... BUT ...

I'm going to give you access to your own online
Build-A-Future Business for a fraction of what
it would cost you to get it designed,
created, built and completed!

So, let's take a look at what it might cost you to create any one of these online businesses from scratch.

Let's do a real-life comparison:

  Researching and Writing The Product
  US$1,250 + per product
  Graphics, Layout and Website Design
  US$1,500 + per site
  Copywriting Professional Sales Letter
  US$3,000 + per site
  Website Structure and Optimization
  US$1,000 + per site
  Training and Education
  US$500 + per site
  US$7,250 + per Business

Now, the Good News is ... you won't have to invest anywhere near US$7,250 (or even US$5,250) to get your own Build-A-Future Business. In fact you won't even have to invest US$2,250 or US$1,250 either. Nope, definitely not.

But, before we go any further, let's talk about one more thing ...

My Guarantee - here it is, plain and simple:

My Personal 30-day 100% Money-Back Risk-Free Guarantee:

I'm never satisfied unless you are completely satisfied, so here's my "No Small Print, No BS" guarantee.

Purchase one of our Build-A-Future Businesses today and try it out.

Use every strategy and technique as many times as you'd like for the full 30 Days.

You be the judge. If your Build-A-Future Business hasn't delivered everything I've promised, or if you're unhappy with it for any reason, just let me know at the end of the 30 days and you'll get back every dollar you paid to me. Every single dollar!

You don't have to justify or explain your decision. Simply request your refund after the 30 day period, and it will be promptly actioned.

No questions. No arguments. No quibbles. No deductions.

I can't do better than that can I? You simply cannot lose with this deal!

- Howard Woolston

Also, I only have a limited number of licenses available for each
product and website.
Even though the potential market is international
and therefore absolutely huge, we do need to limit the availability
so that there is no possible adverse effect on anyone.

So, you will need to check the availability of any
Build-A-Future Business website package you are
interested in purchasing.

Now, LASTLY ... I want you to have every opportunity to succeed ... so (at the moment) we are adding the following...

Extra Bonuses Just For You!

NOTE: Depending on the demand, I may have to remove one or more of these bonuses at some stage.

Exclusive Bonus #1: Guaranteed Product Upgrade!

Let's be honest ... the information in any educational course on any topic inevitably becomes a little out of date. Also, many of our products include screenshots from inside various component websites and programs ... and in the online world, people have a habit of changing things.

So, to help you make sure that your product stays up to date and relevant we will provide you with one upgrade over the next 2 years. We may decide to do more upgrades than that over that two year period (and if we do then you will receive them free of charge), but we only guarantee that your chosen product WILL be upgraded once.

That's probably worth at least another US$1,000 + simply for the research and re-writing!

Exclusive Bonus #2: Turbo Traffic Tricks Online Traffic Generation Course

Totally free of any cost, you will also receive your own copy of our popular downloadable online traffic training course titled "Turbo Traffic Tricks - 22 Tips, Tricks and Techniques To Turbocharge The Traffic To Your Website."

This will show you how to sift through all the conflicting pieces of information flying around about what you should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to generating more traffic for your website.

It actually shows you how to tie everything together ... and succeed!

Value? We have sold this ebook for as much as US$47.00 ... but it's yours for free.

Exclusive Bonus #3: Powerful Offline Marketing In The Internet Age

Powerful Offline Marketing In The Internet Age - 101 Ways To Promote Your Business For Maximum Profits

This comprehensive ebook will show you how to put creative marketing, free publicity, and strategic joint ventures to work for your business so you can sit back and watch your profits explode!

Powerful Offline Marketing In The Internet Age is a feast of business promotion tips, and covers both traditional methods through to advance guerrilla marketing techniques.

Another valuable ebook to help you get things moving along, which has sold for between US$17 and US$25 on a regular basis.

I Realise I'm Putting A Lot On The Table Here - So

Let's Go Over Everything You Get When You

Buy One Of My Build-A-Future Businesses...

  Researching and Writing The Product

  Professionally researched and created
  US$1,250 + per product
  Graphics, Layout and Website Design

  Quality website graphics and design across
  multiple pages
  US$1,500 + per site
  Copywriting Professional Sales Letter

  "Million-Dollar" sales copy designed to sell for you!
  US$3,000 + per site
  Website Structure and Optimization

  Well structured and optimised for the Search Engines
  ... so your site can be found!
  US$1,000 + per site
  Training and Education

  Includes detailed step-by-step instructions on
  how to get everything working!
  US$500 + per site
  Bonus: Guaranteed Product Upgrade

  Keep your product up-to-date!
  US$1,000 + per site
  Bonus: Turbo Traffic Tricks ebook

  Learn the secrets to getting FREE traffic to your website!
  Bonus: Powerful Offline Marketing

  Offline marketing techniques to drive even more of the
  right traffic to your site!
US$8,322 + per Business

BUT, like I said before ... you're NOT going to pay anything like that amount - or even half of it!

Your total investment for one of my Build-A-Future Businesses is

just US$995 US$795

... for a limited time only.

(NB: As we trade with people all around the world we have chosen to base our pricing in US$ for consistency. Even though our pricing is in US$ you will have the option to make payment in your local currency, so you know exactly what the cost to you is. If you would like an estimate of the cost you can
convert US$795 to your local currency here.)

Act NOW to get started immediately!

And don't forget our 30-day Money-back GUARANTEE!!

Simply click on the link below to have a look at the
Build-A-Future Businesses that are currently available
take advantage of the opportunity ... and start to
build YOUR future.

Kind regards

PS: With the way the world is today there really isn't a better time to start cashing in on the possible multiple streams of income with your own online business ... and you don't even need to research, design or write a thing! We've done it all for you!

Earnings Disclaimer
Every effort has been made to accurately represent the product and it's potential, however there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the products, websites, techniques or ideas in these materials. Any examples given are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings.

Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using the products, websites, techniques or ideas, the amount of time you devote to using those products, websites, techniques or ideas, and your personal finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ depending on the individual we cannot guarantee your success or any income level.

We are not responsible in any way for what you do or do not achieve with your Build-A-Future business. Sorry, but it's really all up to you! (Of course we'll help with training, but we can't do everything for you. You have to take ownership of the future of your business).